My name is Jaqueline McCarvill and I am a commerce student, culture aficionado and solo female traveller. I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, and have now visited 22 countries at 19 years of age. I’ve camped illegally in the caves behind Petra, broken and lost everything out of a bus window in Cambodia, and hung out in the slums in Colombia, all the while learning that the world offers us SO much, if we are only willing to look around and see it. I believe strongly in the power of natural foods, being interactive with your surroundings and self-reflection in the means to find and create your true self.  I hope eventually to have lived in a multitude of countries around the world, learning languages and integrating myself into a space of vulnerability and growth. The world is my playground, and I aim to inspire women in every walk of life to live their dream life and find a safe space of love and support, through all the pretty little pastries,  raw moments, and travel days that their hearts desire.

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